Professional qualifications

Professional Education at GIS is designed to provide lifelong learning opportunities for both aspiring and existing sports industry professionals, as well as learners who are interested in using sport as a lens through which they can learn lessons that can be applied in their own sector.

We offer a number of courses that are designed and developed by tutors and course teams who possess extensive theoretical, conceptual and, crucially, practical experience in their respective fields. A number of our courses are also co-developed and co-delivered with industry partners.

As a GIS professional education learner, not only will you gain access to cutting-edge learning, developed and delivered by leading experts in their fields, you’ll also join a community of learners who have committed to their personal and professional development. Designed to fit around your work commitments and home life, GIS professional education courses are offered at some of the most iconic sports stadia in the world, as well as online, so that you can study at home or at work.

Whether you want to learn more about a specific area, want to try a short course before committing to a full degree, or even want to consider the development of a bespoke programme of professional education for your organisation, the GIS professional education team will be able to help.

Available courses